Aquascan is a multi parameter UV based organic pollution monitor developed to continuously and simultaneously measure the following parameters. The instrument can be easily configured to have a path length of either 10mm or 6mm within the flowcell.

Parameter Measurement Range:
Path length
Correlationwith Standard
Methods 2
  10 mm 6 mm  
BOD* 0 - 300mg/l 0 - 500mg/l 0.96
COD* 0 - 600mg/L 0 -1000mg/l 0.98
TOC* 0 - 150mg/L 0 -300mg/l 0.93
Ammonia* 0 - 40mg/l 0 - 70mg/l 0.86
Colour Apparent* 0 - 750 Hazen
0 - 1250 Hazen 0.80
Total Suspended* 0 - 250mg/l   0.98
pH 2 - 12pH   Accuracy ±0.2pH
Temperature 0 - 50°C   0.98
Conductivity 10 - 100000 S/cm   ±5.0% of reading or ±10
S/cm whichever is
Turbidity 0 - 100NTU   ±2NTU
ISE Depends on measurand and sensitivity reqd.
Results produced by Hyder Consulting based on a range of waste waters,correlation depends on composition of effluent being monitered.
Hyder Consultancy is a business unit of Hyder plc which incorporates Welsh Water


* The ranges given for the derived parameters are indicative. Wider ranges available, please call sales department.


Equipment Specification

Outputs 4 no. 4 to 20mA
RS232 / RS485 or modem
1 no. alarm relay
Inputs 1 no 4 to 20 mA, (0-5V)
Power Supplies 220 - 230vac 50Hz or 60Hz
or 110 - 115vac 50Hz or 60Hz
Operating Temp -10°C to 40°C
Sample Temp >2°C < 35°C
Sample Preparation none up to 3mm particle size
Pump Head 4m at 4l/min
Cabinet external use IP55, electronics IP65
1800mm H x 800mm W x 600mm D

Site Services

Power Supplies 220 - 230Vac 50Hz. rated 600VA or 110 - 115Vac 50Hz, rated 600VA
Water Supplies clean water if available or replenish internal 30L container as required, dependant on automatic wash cycle.
Drain local floor drain or gravity return to





• Software for remote data collection, storage and reports plus alarms
• Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) for specific parameter
• Sample extraction system for open channels
• Water sampler activated by Aquascan
• Cabins and Mobiles
• Communications (Modem, Cellular Network, Low Power Radio)
• Additional analogue inputs
• Multi-streaming